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As prediction base of Lal Kitab is very strong because of its judgment based on multidirectional observations, accuracy level is very high; in the same manner its remedial measures for curing ill effects of planets on human beings are also having a very strong base. Main stress is paid on personal behavior of any person, color of clothes, eating habits, bad immoral activities, his temperaments, relations with his family members and surrounding fellow beings, his residing place, timing of marriage etc, timing for construction of house, main gate direction of house where a person is residing, type of charity and donations which a person is supposed to perform, color of fountain pen which he is using and all these remedies are very strongly effective in getting rid of bad influences and clear all paths of progress of the native.

As all these remedies are very easy to be performed only by changing some routine habits, personal behavior, and their cost is very much low, because these are meant for help of humanity, not for benefits of self. In my 28 years of experience in Indian Astrology, Lal Kitab, Palmistry, I have observed and found that every remedy works very well and very quickly. There is no one specific remedy as people think for any specific work, selection of any remedy varies from person to person for any given field and so their effectiveness varies.

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In the same manner, there are a great number of remedies which are very easy to perform and effect oriented, but these remedies should be performed under the guidance of any person who is blessed with this knowledge to get their optimum results in minimum time period. The Writer Of Lal Kitab Pandit Rup Chand Joshi the author of the Red Book was born in village Farwala on 18th Jan, and was very much intelligent in his studies; he lost his mother in childhood and was a self made man. Pandit Ji was a man of discipline and very much punctual in his daily routine and acquired all this knowledge during service time in Himachal Pardes, but it is said that some spiritual power helped Pandit Ji in compiling such a great work for benefits of people who are unable to do the rigorous routine of Vedic rituals.

This work was published and printed in five different editions under the name of Pandit Girdhari Lal Sharma, cousin brother of Pandit Ji. Although Pandit Ji left this world on 24th Dec, , but he is still alive in hearts of people.

All these five books are basically an Aashirwad blessings for followers of the system of Lal Kitab and blessings for the eternally suffering humanity as in the last page of every edition of Lal Kitab is written a word Blessings Aashirwad. I bow my head with respect on the feet of such a great person, a holy spirit, who in fact cared for humanity from core of His heart and request all persons linked with this system to be very sincere towards this system and try to explore this system with best of their efforts and expand their knowledge bank for the help of humanity as our respected Pandit Ji did.

Imbibing this quality of the Sun is the spiritual message from Lal Kitab which I have been trying to follow in my life and with folded hands I request the young ones to do the same. See More. In fact Lal Kitab, which was published in 1 five different editions is the presentation 1 All were originally written in Urdu language, with total Punjabi touch in its style, and where, Pandit Ji felt necessary, he used Farsi or Arabic language, and even phrases in Punjabi to convey meanings emphatically. Saptarishis Astrology.

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Published on Mar 1, Mount of Mercury represents seventh house of horoscope of the individual, from which, we are supposed to read and analyze marital relations and married life. IMAGE 1 As third phalange of short finger represents 9th sign of Zodiac Sagittarius , owner of which isJupiter, who is inimical in savior with Mercury and Venus, and as a result, when lines ofunion turn into 9th sign of Zodiac 3rd phalange of short finger , sign of Jupiter or any linefrom that place crossing these lines of union will give negative results in married life.

IMAGE 3When Branch Lines from Heart Line rise upward so as to touch or cut Lines of Union:When we find branches from Line of Heart moving towards Lines of Union, which maytouch or cut these Lines, ill effects of inimical behavior of Moon and Mercury are felt, whichprove extreme level negative in relation to the married life of such native and I am uploadingan image of a such person, who lost his wife and is a father of two baby girls.

This all is due toinimical behavior of Moon and Mercury. IMAGE 4 When Line s of Union are forked or an island is present on these or there is only one line ofunion or when upper line of union is short in length as compared with of lower one:Both Fork at the inside end of line of union and Island are always pointing towardsadversity in married life, relationship between the couple becomes strained or even sexualrelations between them are absent, when any of these signs, singly or jointly is present onthese lines, which also points out towards separation or divorce or quarrelsome married life orrelations of the individual.

Reason for this is self explicit when we analyze this in the light ofrelation of inimical behavior of planets.

Saptarishis Astrology Vol.6, Part1

As planet Mars is inimical in behavior to planet Mercury. When there is a fork or islandfound on these lines or where upper line of union, when short in length or is absent whenthere is only one line of union show negative results due to the reason as sign of fork, islandrepresent planet Mars negative and when there is only one line of union or upper line is shortin length, points out towards Manglik status of horoscope, thus due to inimical behavior ofplanet Mars, adversity is felt.

When upper line of union is short, it indicates at first instance that their will be a problem inmarriage i. Whereas Venus treats Moon as its enemy and due to this inimical behavior,fruits of Venus in female charts are lost, which may turn a woman as a sterile lady whenVenus is ill affected.

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IMAGE 8 When a horizontal line is present of mount of Moon and touches life line or enters intomount of Venus Addiction line :When a horizontal line Horizontal Lines except major lines, on any part of palm representplanet Venus on mount of Moon, which moves towards mount of Venus or Life Line, isfound, it adds constant desire for intake of stimulants to the native, which is an example ofinimical behavior of planet Venus with Moon, because Venus treats Moon as enemy.

I have noticed this characterprevailing in a number of persons, in whose hands, such line was present. IMAGE 9 When Line of Head is separated from Line of Life and starts from mount of Jupiter atbeginning:When Head Line is separated from the life line at its beginning and is going well across thehand in a nice form, it shows intelligence, self reliance and spontaneity but if it is weak orshort, it represents carelessness, fantasy, jealousy and deceit. Even in good hands, this linepoints out towards a danger in making decisions very quickly without even calculating anyrisk factor, but it is a useful prognostic within limits for public characters or actors, givingthem enthusiasm and boldness of manner in public and adds self confidence.

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But on the other side, if we see its influence on relatives on the possessor of such line, which affects:health, wealth, relations or life of father or grandfather of the native. The native will demand nothingfrom his father or may suffer loss of ancestral property. Whereas, on the contrary, he may have to wearthe burden of taking care of other family members, brothers or sisters to bring them up and share theirresponsibility on behalf of their father and in the long term he may not be benefited for what he deservedin real sense. When we try to understand the reason for this negative influence of this line on the father ofthe native in the light of LAL KITAB, it becomes very clear, because of the inimical behaviorbetween two planets i.

Mercury and Jupiter. When there is a combination or link betweenthese two planets in any horoscope or mercury is placed in 2nd house of horoscope of thenative, we can observe this type of formation of Head Line, separated from Life Line andoriginating from mount of Jupiter. As we can check their relation from the table of planets,Jupiter treats Mercury as its enemy where as Mercury treats Jupiter just equal in strength orfriendly, so Jupiter suffers because of its inimical behavior.

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IMAGE 10When Head Line slopes down deep into mount of MOON and Heart Line runs down totouch Head Line or Life Line:When Head Line runs deep down into mount of Moon and at the same time Heart Linebreaks and one segment of which runs into Head Line, points out towards suicidal tendencyprevailing in possessor of such lines, because of inimical behavior of planet Mercury withMoon, which plays a fatal role in such case by generating thoughts for self destruction inhuman mind by adding too much imagination and oversensitive nature.

From chart of planetary relations, it can be noticed that planet Mercury treats Moon as itsenemy, where as Moon treats Mercury as a friend.


IMAGE 11 Imay like to add something more that every planet has its place fixed on the face of everyhuman being, which I will try to explain separately in future articles. Awaaj sunta har kisi ki, naa hi bhoola koyee ho.

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