Aquarius aquarius sibling compatibility

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Aquarius Father — Virgo Child

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Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

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Aquarius Parent — Virgo Child

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Aquarius likes it when children ask questions. Virgo is just such a child, but the purpose of her questions is to get information, and not to challenge the existing state of things. Her criticism is more of a personal character, and she will never question any credibility, as does the mas-Aquarius, inclined to rebelliousness.

Virgo will benefit from the fact that Aquarius teaches her to think creatively about the decisions made, for example, by teachers or even by the government, or to doubt the point of view expressed by the newspapers. With such a mother, Virgo can become more free-thinking, but she will need help to understand that her actions and thoughts are really capable of influencing other people.

Well, Mother Aquarius should not forget that sometimes the Virgo will pour a bucket of cold water on her head, somewhat cooling her idealistic views - the Virgo prefers his own, more earthly, but reliable worldview. Aquarius wants the Virgo to learn to get along well with other people and, acting in all honesty, cooperate with them. This mother will teach her child to express her opinion without offending other people.

Learn your little one's Aquarius characteristics

She is not a supporter of physical "beliefs", so she is unlikely to resort to slap-on, preferring reasonable arguments. She is not a big fan of competitions, and this is quite acceptable to Virgo, who does not want to be forcibly dragged to success by overly ambitious parents. Such a mother is very fair, so she will not put all her homework on hardworking daughters when the rest of the family sit down to watch TV. Sociable Aquarius mom often takes her more calm Virgo with her, helping her to find friends. She tries to make the world more reflective in the acute mind of the little Virgo and that she gets acquainted with books, politics and even social problems.

These two will have a relationship that will inspire and delight them all their lives. Aquarius dad as it combines one set of people. He is unpredictable, eccentric, full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm. Of course, this confuses a more balanced Virgo, who wants to know what her relationship with her father is and what, finally, he himself is.

The little Virgo is a supporter of traditions, and it is difficult for her to comprehend the far-reaching views of Aquarius.

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  • Besides, she does not understand if he will ever be able to realize his bizarre ideas. He is much ahead of his time, and although Virgo has a lively mind, she needs confidence today based on past and present. Too much new daring is getting on her nerves.