Seventh house astrology pisces

Its natural sign ruler is Aquarius and its natural planetary ruler is Uranus Saturn. Acquaintances and friends, groups, organizations, hopes, wishes, aspirations, personal goals, our sense of our true inner purpose, our sense of the group, humanity. The twelfth house is a cadent house. Its natural sign ruler is Pisces and its natural planetary ruler is Neptune Jupiter. That which is hidden or below the surface, karma, self-undoing, soul growth, hidden strengths and hidden weaknesses, dreams, private affairs, lost items, hospitals and prisons, spiritual studies.

See this full-screen. The first house is an angular house. Its natural sign ruler is Aries and its natural planetary ruler is Mars. The lower mind, communication, interactions in our immediate environment, siblings and early environment, neighbors, thoughts, short trips, writing and speaking, how we formulate our thoughts, language skills, media and communications. The cusp of the fourth house is a special angle called the IC Immum Coeli and is also called the nadir.

Its natural sign ruler is Scorpio and its natural planetary ruler is Pluto. Its natural sign ruler is Aquarius and its natural planetary ruler is Uranus. Its natural sign ruler is Pisces and its natural planetary ruler is Neptune. Be sure to find out your personal astrology data online, at no cost.

Astrology seventh houses - Astrological Twelve Houses of the Zodiac

Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use found here. This house also relates to your ability to have children. Seventh house also relates to problems and disinterest in carnal fulfillment, illnesses of reproductive system, impotence and progeny problems.

The reason why you indulge in a partnership is also apparent in the seventh house. Is it for love? Social pressure? Practical reasons? Or to fill the void in your life? The sense of cooperation and purpose is important to the seventh house. By cooperating and adjusting, we seek to realize our purpose, accomplish something like happiness, success, profit, and satisfaction. All sorts of partnerships come under the domain of seventh house, not just marriage.

7th House & Life Partner in Astrology

These include business partnerships, relationship with clients, contracts, negotiations, agreements and so on. The kind of relationship you share with your co-founder is governed by this house, who gets a bigger slice in profit is also ruled by 7th house in Vedic Astrology. Your relationship with everyone you enter into a contract with is also governed by seventh house in horoscope. Whether all these partnerships enrich your lives or cause your downfall is also assessed by the planetary position in the seventh house. Seventh house also deals with the darker side of our relationships, the partnerships we form.

They know how to shine. They know how to make people like them. They are too stubborn to admit that they might do something wrong. They will always try to make you look like you are less than them. Less entertaining, less generous, less needed… It all will be projection of their own deep rooted insecurities. Their downfall is their need for validation. Virgo descendant - your enemies are anxious but cautious. They are great and planning and will make sure everything will turn out their way. Deep down they are messy and unhappy but they do not know how to ask for help because they take pride in being self-sufficent.

Their downfall is their own self- righteousness. Libra descendant - your enemies are indirect but charming. They are popular and very likeable.

Natal Planets

They always need a group of adoration beside them so they would not feel lonely because they have no idea how to face themselves alone. They cannot live without your attention. They may try to befriend your friends.

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They always talk about peace but at the same time loves to create drama and play a judge. Scorpio descendant - your enemies are moody but magnetic. They can be very sexy and make people fall for their mysterious aura. They will accuse you of being shallow and materialistic. They will will observe you and wait for a right moment to strike. It is, because they always think you are out there to get them. Ruthless and easily angered, they will feel relieved if something bad happen to you.

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  6. Deeply down they know they are cruel but are too scared to stop because they do not want other to see their vulnerable side. Their downfall is their own paranoia. Sagittarius descendant - your enemies are preachy but confident. Friendly and optimistic, they easily make people like them. They are insensitive and have no problem in calling you out in front of everyone. They always think that their ideas are the best and that they hold the key to some higher kind of knowledge.

    Blunt and loud, they are most likely to tell you right in your face that they hate you. They will make fun of your beliefs and education, making you feel like an idiot. Their downfall is their arrogance. They will belittle your emotions and will make you feel like you are weak for having them. They are ambitious so they will always strive to be better than you and they will not stop until they show they are.

    They will not waste too much of their time to talk with you but they will rather focus on showing you results of their work so you could see with your own eyes that they are everything you cannot be. They will have no problem with destroying your reputation. Aquarius descendant - your enemies are obstinate but original. They have unique minds and ideas, they are sociable and friendly - they can easily make friends with everyone they want.

    They will question your originality. They will act like they are the only one capable of doing something different and brilliant They will make you feel like you are too stupid and too boring conformist, barely a mere ship in the system. They themselves are not, of course. Their downfall is their god-complex.

    Pisces descendant - your enemies are annoying but creative. Kind and friendly, they have an extraordinary ability to make people feel sorry for them in every situation. Delusional, they refuse to see things for how they are. Manipulative, hot and cold, can be more aggresive than people think. They never learn from their mistakes and they are unable of taking responsibility for their own life but will always ask you for an advice which they will not take.

    They will call you insensitive and harsh.

    Transit Planets

    Their downfall is their moodiness. Opposed to the first house and to the Ascendant, that symbolize dawn and sunrise of the personality—the traits that come into light—the seventh house and the Descendant are an accumulation of all energies that generally failed to consciously develop in our identity, as this is the point associated to dying sunsets. Planetary and sign energies in this house, then, describe what kind of traits we tend to look for in others and, as a consequence, the type of people we tend to attract to ourselves in terms of alliances.

    Energies expressing themselves through this house may describe whether this changing process flows naturally or tends to be painful, while also describing to what extent the chart holder is able to adapt to the personal nature of their allies in order to create harmonious, easy-going relationships. And because the seventh house operates by contrast between traits we recognize as ours and traits we recognize as exterior , this is the house in which the sense of self can be reinforced, often through interaction with open enemies. This is the way unconscious traits on the Descendant are radically made conscious.

    Sun in the 7th house: a model contemplates their own beautiful figure on the surface of a mirror; behind their backs, people silently take photos and appreciate the view. Cooperative and friendly, people with this placement experience happiness and fulfillment through their relationships with others. Mercury in the 7th house: a student listens carefully as their teacher talks, head beautifully resting on their hands; mesmerized and impressed. Those with this placement enjoy the company of smart and eloquent people, since it reminds them so sweetly of their own communicative and mental nature.

    Because people with this placement experience mental stimulation through others, they can be very talkative and active when interacting with other people, only to retreat into silence and an interesting kind of absence when no one is around. Venus in the 7th house: in hopeful tears, a figure sits by the highest window of a highest tower, dreaming of the beautiful hero that will save them one day.

    Mars in the 7th house: a young, passionate knight contemplates the windy landscape of their feelings; clouds grow heavily in the distance, and the wind plays with loose leaves in the air. Where could they soulmate be? People with this placement are quite pioneering towards their relationships, and they tend to let their desires and instincts rule their attitudes towards their alliances.

    People with this placement are usually great at producing harmonious relationships and fruitful alliances. Saturn in the 7th house: holding hands, a couple climbs a long set of stairs very calmly, enjoying the sweet summer breeze as it passes. Their beautiful house grows all around the garden. Saturn here also symbolizes the lessons that one must learn in order to build reliable and loving relationships.

    To build a stable alliance, the individual must be able to build a reliable love towards themselves. Uranus in the 7th house: a curious angel partially materializes from strings of sunlight coming from the windows, communicating their blessings to newly-formed couple. People with this placement, then, tend to build relationships with unconventional-looking people. Alliances here have a fresh tone of independence and freedom, and they have an interesting feeling of friendship to them. Clouds pass close to the ground. People with this placement search for transcendence and salvation through their relationship with others.

    Sensitive and dreamy, Neptune here desires for complete dissolution of barriers between people and the healing of old personal wounds, so the individual often acts as if to embrace others and take care of them, feeling an outstanding attraction towards those who are seen as weak, hurt, or helpless. They can easily become solely devoted to their partner, often dissolving their own individuality in the process. Relationships stir deep, unconscious waters, eventually producing massive tidal waves of a most powerful desire to transform and change.

    The individual may find themselves attracted to powerful, intense people that will change their lives forever through the exposure of wounds imprinted to the Soul. Originally posted by papermagazine. Originally posted by mizworldofrandom. Originally posted by bribooth. Originally posted by relationshipaims. Originally posted by maccasmccartney. Originally posted by rihannanews People with undeveloped planets in the 7th house are more often than not unaware of the qualities these planets give them.

    They may project these qualities onto others as well. Sun in the 7 th House — All forms of relationships are important to you because you light up like the sun. This is a great placement to have, especially if you want to get married someday in he traditional sense or if you want a companion for life. The 7 th House takes a new shape when the Sun is sitting here, powerful and glorious.

    Moon in the 7 th House — A beautiful placement, just like Moon in the 1 st. This allows for the native to emotionally connect with their partner in a way that may feel transcendental. There is an emotional harmony here and they will be drawn to emotionally intellectual people. There may even be a telepathic connection between the native and their companion, because they will understand each other beyond this realm.

    This is a very dynamic bond and it will be hard to break. Their ability to have relationships as deep as the ones with the Moon will allow them to learn about human nature and the power their connections have on people. Mercury in the 7 th House — Mercury in the House of Partnerships is a beautiful placement. Relationships need communication because it helps both parties grow. The power of talking to your partner is very valuable and it will be one of the reasons your relationships can keep flourishing. When this planet is in the 7 th House, it can make the native very much into an air sign when they are partnered up.

    Everything gets discussed, plans are being brought into action, visions of the future are being written down. To me, this planet is exalted here because words are powerful and when the beauty in Venus fades, all we are left is talking to each other in order to weave and strengthen our bonds and connections. Mars in the 7 th House — It is interesting to see Mars in this position since Mars is ruled by the ego, will and sheer power. Mars is best in Aries, but here we have him in the House of Partnerships which can make him confused.

    Their aggressive and darker sides might manifest here since the native may or may not be possessive in relationships. On the flip side, when Mars has developed and matured, it can make for a very loyal and understanding partner. This is someone who will fight for their love, fight for their relationship and will do their best to honor their partner. For Business ventures, this is a good position since it will attract those with the same drive and motivation.

    However, they should be wary of who they trust because there could be some backstabbing involved. Venus in the 7 th House — Venus in this position is at home in the House of Partnerships, so it makes perfect sense that the native with this position will be the luckiest when it comes to finding a solid relationship that will be long lasting.

    Venus likes beauty, passion and unions. Meaningful ones will impact the native, catapulting them to experience the most magnificent form of Venus in their lives. The pure love and devotion that they will receive with this placement will allow them to weather any storms. Neptune in the 7 th House — The mirrors in the House of Partnerships. The native should be wary with who they get involved with because Neptune can make everything nebulous.

    Going into business ventures with someone would be a terrible idea, so it is best to not even consider it. Remove the rose-colored glasses and learn to see who the real person in front of you is, especially when you are in a relationship. The dark side of Neptune is marked with deviousness and lies. On the flip side, this placement can bring about someone who feels ethereal to you.

    There is a magnificence that is intoxicating and even Earth shattering. If this person where to leave your life, it could make it devastating but if they stay, you will be transformed spiritually and emotionally. Jupiter in the 7 th House — You have luck when it comes to being in relationships, be it romantic or platonic. There will always be someone there by your side when you are at your lowest point, just ready to get you to rise up. For any business ventures, this helps you have blessings when you want to initiate a plan. Your companion will have your best interest in mind assuming no harsh aspects.

    Even if there are malefics in contact, this is still a great placement that can help you in many aspects of your life. Saturn in the 7 th House — This placement allows for you to be more mature or you can attract more mature partners who will help to ground you. During your return, it is possible that you will feel regenerated with a new outlook on life. Very much like Pluto, you will learn to understand the importance in what you want and what makes you happy.

    This is a position that helps keep relationships lasting if mutual parties are in love. Uranus in the 7 th House — For stability, it is best not to have Uranus in this placement since it will mean drawing in many different people throughout your life. However, this is very exciting to have because you will be able to weed out who has your best interest and who does not.

    Uranus is the Revolutionary, so if you are partnering up for Business Ventures, it is good to have him at your side. Uranus involves taking risks, so your investments can either be at the top or crash, but there will always bounce back again…erratically. Your love life will be like a television series, with many ups and downs but you will never be lonely or bored.

    Pluto in the 7 th House — You will attract very intense relationships that help you evolve for better or worse. In business unions, you will attract savvy people that will demand your trust and loyalty. There will be someone who awakens something in you at one point in your life and if you are generally dependent on partners, you will learn to become more independent. This position will make you stronger and more powerful. With each passing relationship, you will be able to see who is committed and who is not.

    There will be no games tolerated when Pluto is here, because you will expect loyalty and respect. Chiron in the 7 th House — I was debating adding this asteroid here. For those with Chiron in the House of Partnerships, there will be painful healing through relationships. The Native has to focus on understanding why those emotions relating to connecting make them react.

    It can even feel traumatic at times but there will be a point where you come out of the situation with more understanding and feeling illuminated. The Wounded Healer in this House will rise stronger than ever and will impart their advice to others on how to cope after breakups or traumas.

    A great placement for someone in psychiatric work because they will be able to connect on a level that will get through to their patients. Sun in the 7th: Enemies might attack or disrupt ones ego and identity. Can attract enemies and rivals who find their confidence to be a threat. Moon in the 7th House: Rivalries and enemies exist very much on an emotional field. Watch out for mind games and manipulation. Enemies feel threatened by your emotional security, nurturing, kindness, or depth.

    What's Cooking in the Seventh House?

    Enemies tend to feel threatened by confidence in ideas and knowledge. Venus in the 7th House: it always seems to be past lovers and friends who turn into the enemies! Triggers involve good feelings turning sour, taking advantage of you, or jadedness. Mars in the 7th House: Enemies might come purely out of competition or because you are a direct threat to what they want somehow. Drives clash between you and your rivals.


    Jupiter in the 7th House: Enemies come from differences in belief or because they see your behavior as something negative. Saturn in the 7th House: Watch out for enemies who are authority figures, negative teachers, mentors, or bosses, possibly coworkers or some sort of peer rivalry, and enemies will truly challenge you and may even defeat you at times. Triggers stem from their own self worth. Uranus in the 7th House: Enemies stem from some sort of rebellion. Rebellious feelings towards you, an unsettledness towards you, or an insecurity towards the change, ideas, or vibe you bring.

    Clash in ideas can also happen. Neptune in the 7th House: You attract enemies who are ninjas, or really who surprise you with their actions and stances. Rivalries influence you on a subconscious level at times. The main point is that they pick at your sensitivities. They may be triggered by your own compassion, perception, and how you express love to others.

    They could find any sense of emotional change in you as a threat too. Pluto in the 7th House: Can have a warning of real danger from enemies. Your enemies may hold a grudge. You could have hurt them in some way or hurt each other to cause this. This can signify someone who is focused on you purely based on their own obsession.

    Look to the houses and planets in it to see what they say! As long as you are both willing to commit and learn and communicate, the growth and frustrations will smooth out. A love match in the opposite or quincunx can feel difficult, but ultimately karmic. Conjunct especially is wonderfully fortunate, providing mutual support, enjoyment, and sustained lovingness. Love is great, and so are relationships, so communicate, talk, and stay open minded x.

    Originally posted by jo-wilson. Fixed signs - usually prefer to stay deeply intimate following sex. Maintaining a close and sort of in your face sort of intimacy is usually how they are following the act. Originally posted by shashabusiness. Caridnal signs - usually prefer to achieve some distance following sex. They could follow up with a few intimate kisses and rubs before they seperate themselves. Might need some space following climax or start exhibiting a sort of flighty nature especially if the DC or sign on the DC is receiving harsh aspects to its ruler.